Code of Conduct

Dress Regulation

1. Member / Dependants or his guests should be properly dressed.

2. Bermuda Shorts/ Shorts and Slippers “strictly” not allowed.

3. Sports dress is not allowed in any part of the Club except the sports areas like Swimming,               Tennis, Badminton. Gym etc,

4. In private parties, member should ensure their guests should follow proper dress code.

5. Administration / Management have the right of refusing admission to anyone who is not properly dressed.

Pan or Pan Masala

1.Eating and spitting of Pan or Pan Masala in the club premises is strictly prohibited.

2.Entry will be denied to such person.

3. If a member or guest or dependant is seen eating or spitting pan or pan masala in the club            premises, strict disciplinary action will be taken against such a person.

Conduct / Behavior of a Member

1. A member should carry himself like a gentleman.

2. Use of abusive language is strictly prohibited.

3. Talking loudly/Shouting is not allowed.

4. No member should create any noise or play music or any manner, in the club which may be            improper, indecent or objectionable or which may cause nuisance or disturbance or annoyance     to other members of the club or their guest.

5. Strict disciplinary action as deemed fit by the general committee will be taken against such member.

No – Smoking Zone

Areas having No-smoking sign does not permit smoking in that area like: Restaurant, Bar, Gym, Library, Table Tennis Hall, Pool Room, Smoking is strictly prohibited in these areas.

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